The Ultimate Mental Sports Training!

Did you know that Sports are as mental as they are physical? Make the most of your physical training by enhancing your mental training!

Three things can happen during sports performance: boredom (lack of focus and drive), anxiety (overthinking, over trying, and getting flustered), or being in the zone (rising to the occasion, focused, and doing your best in the moment). Hypnosis helps you to be more consistently in the flow, or in the zone.  Carissa Brown Holscher, CCHt. works with a number of athletes from serious amateurs to Olympic potentials to professional athletes. Hypnotherapy works for a variety of sports, including:


*Marathon Runners


*Baseball Players

*Basketball Players

*Gymnasts and Cheerleaders



*Football Players

*Hockey Players

*Soccer Players

*Body Builders

​*Tennis Players

​*Horse Riders

"I can tell a big difference while playing. Hypnosis allowed me to be more in the moment. It feels natural too. Even my coaches are impressed."  ~R.R.

"I shot my best game yet, and I placed well in the tournament! Golf is fun again. I will be coming back in for hypnosis every season."  ~B.W.